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Please firstly contact one of the contact options listed below with any questions about or problems with a item from this manufacturer. A problem can often be solved directly without sending the item in. Defective goods can generally be sent straight to the manufacturer or a service centre. This is the fastest option for receiving the goods back ready to use.
Bring-In-Service Adresse (Bearbeitungs-Nummer / Case-ID erforderlich):
Acer Computer GmbH
Abteilung Service
Kornkamp 4
22926 Ahrensburg
Processing kann direkt über den Hersteller erfolgen
Warranty 1-2 Jahre (Notebooks, Handhelds, Projektoren, LCD-TV, Digitalkameras), 3 Jahre (Business-PC, Server, TFT, CRT)
Tel. (Mo-Fr: 08-18h): 0800 22 44 999
04102 - 70 69 111
Reparatur & Allgemeine Anfragen
Fax: 01805 - 00 98 10 *
Reparatur & Allgemeine Anfragen
Acer RMA Abwicklung: 04102 - 70 69 111
Acer RMA Abwicklung: 04102 - 70 69 222
Technische Hotline: 09001 - 73 78 37 *
Hotline: 09001 - 00 98 98 *
Produkte außerhalb der Garantiezeit
Acer Service & Support: Acer Service & Support [Übersicht]
ACER Customer Care: Customer Self Service
Acer Service Abläufe: Acer Service Abläufe
Acer Vor-Ort-Service: Acer Vor-Ort-Service
Acer Garantieleistungen: Acer Garantieleistungen
Acer Kontaktformular: Acer Kontaktformular
Garantiebedingungen: Acer Garantiebedingungen
ACER Repair Center Frankfurt
Transerv 2000
Robertbosch Straße 33a
64625 Bensheim
Processing kann direkt über den Hersteller erfolgen
Telefon: (0) 6251 - 98560 0
Telefax: (0) 6251 - 98560 60
Reparatur-Status: 01805 - 005520 *
This information is constantly being reviewed. However, it may still be the case that we receive the information about a change of hotline, address or processing information from the manufacturer at a later date.

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